Saturday, December 8, 2012

Elfin' around!

So once again it's been a while since I've posted here. I'm gonna do better, I promise.  
I have been posting, it's just been on my other blog, my sweet one...
If you haven't checked it out, then you should!  

Anyway onto the point! 
This year a custom elf arrived on our doorstep... 
It twas the evening of December 1st.

I wish I had my camera nearby or that I had recorded it...
It was such a mix of emotions that I had never seen anyone display before.

The doorbell rings, we ask Chrissie to see who is here.
 She comes back and says "I don't know what is going on, but there is no one here."
It rings again...
Once again she goes to the door, this time with two of her cousins that were spending the night..
She doesn't see him at first, but Emma (one of the cousins) does...
Once Chrissie realized there was an elf here, she freaked out!
She tried to shut the door quickly expressing how she did not know why he was here, 
but he needed to go back to where he came from.
"I do NOT want an elf!!!"
She didn't like the idea at all, as a matter of fact all three of the girls were creeped out by his arrival.

The looks on all there faces was something I don't believe I've ever seen.
They were excited, scared to death, curious, giddy, sad, and disappointed 
all at the same time.
Chrissie had misbehaved the day before, so his arrival was a BIG deal to her, 
and she wasn't so sure she liked the idea of an elf watching over her to report back to Santa.

By the end of the evening they had warmed up to the idea, and were starting to enjoy his presence here
on the shelf.
Excitement and wonder filled the room as they began whispering about him!
Soon, you could see the magic of Christmas in their eyes!
She named him "Jake the Elf"
(after her Daddy <3)

So here are some photos of what he has been up to thus far...
I must say he is quite mischievous and creative at times!

The first morning with the elf they woke up to find that Holiday Barbie and "Jake the Elf"
had been dashing around in a one horse open sleigh..
The next day he toilet papered our tree...
She thought this was funny and that perhaps he was
practicing flying going around the tree!
 Day 3 
He made us the cutest sugar cookies! 
She loved this one! 
We found out later that day that it was National Cookie Day!
Day 4
Someone's being naughty again...
I woke up to her telling her Daddy quite firmly that...
"Ohhhhh!  Mom is gonna be MAD!"

Day 5
Zip lining to put a star on our decorative trees! 

Day 6
He's cleaning up his act!
She thought this was so funny! 
Day 7
Deck the Halls!
He's found himself a new dream home.
She was thrilled to find him in her dollhouse, and that he had decorated!
 This is it so far, but needless to say we are all enjoying waking up 
to find what clever or mischievous thing he has gotten himself into!
We love our elf! ;) 
 Updates will follow, so that I can keep you posted on the adventures of our elf, Jake.
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