Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hi Everyone!

Since I have received multiple bonuses since starting my business I thought I would be fun to offer a giveaway!  You may enter on the post at www.facebook.com/skinnyinfinity The prize is a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Rules and Entry are located in the post! Good Luck! 

Check out my May challenge while you're there! 

Monday, April 4, 2016

My newest endeavour and I love it!

Hey y'all!
So many of you followed my journey through 2014. It was a very dark and miserable time for me. I was extremely ill and good health had not been on my side for quite sometime. I was actually sedentary by fall of 2014 on doctors orders. They were afraid that activity could cause multiple ruptures inside of me and could cause excruciating pain and in some cases death. It's an extremely scary way to walk around feeling as if you swallowed a bomb that could detonate at any time rendering you helpless if alive. Many of you reached out and helped me in a desperate time and I will forever be appreciative of that! You have no idea the blessing you were and how just your messages and concerns lifted my spirits.
Fast forward to now!
Ok, so I am certain that if we are friends on Facebook you have seen my fitness posts by now! I want you to understand that this isn't to make anyone feel bad or unhealthy. I am beyond excited about this new venture in my journey because a little over a year ago I was afraid of how my family would carry on or how they would heal if I didn't survive. Sounds awful, because it was. This "new" me is one that is grateful and so thankful. I look for the positive and try to overcome negativity with grace. I will not live this life and take it for granted. I am genuinely excited! I am thrilled each day to see the strength my body has established. It was not easy to get here and I had to overcome a lot. I'm here and I'm still going forward.

I want others to know that even when you feel there is no hope, no change that can happen, that your body is too sick or ruined, YOU CAN! I am proof that even in the most desperate and devastating place your physical body can be in, you can climb up, slowly. You take baby steps, you don't give up on yourself ever! One day you'll look back at yourself and you'll be proud and you'll respect that your body is capable of amazing things! You can overcome!

My body went through so much trauma and change it was insane. When I underwent my excision surgery for Stage IV endometriosis they had to repair my anatomy before they could even begin with the procedure. I had organs in places they shouldn't be and attached to places they shouldn't attach. (I have other posts regarding endometriosis if you would like more info.) During the process of fixing my anatomy it was described as if  I was peeled from the inside. They had to remove so many organs from my abdominal wall, then they began the procedure. I had a full hysterectomy, an appendectomy, excision of endometriosis, and several other procedures (over 15). This was my last resort, my last hope to get better.

Recovery was tough, it was long, but once I was released to exercise again I jumped on it. I was not going to live like this. I wanted good health, and happiness. My story would not end like that. This is one of the many ways life is amazing. My journey continues but now I am not a testimony of devastation and pain, but now I can tell you about health and life.  If I can come back from the place my body was in, you can too! You have it in you. If being healthy and active is something you long to be, then why not? Don't stand in your own way. You can start with tiny improvements and before you know it, you'll amaze yourself! You will be strong! You will be fit! You will be healthy!


I joined with Beachbody as a coach because these programs have helped me build a strong and healthy body and a great foundation.  I started with 21 day fix directly after my surgery, in my determination of being better and healthy. Healthy was something I could never describe myself as before. I wasn't, my body couldn't be. Every time I got started I got knocked of the horse! No more. I modified moves, I ate better, I began to realize I could do things I was never strong enough to do and before I knew it I was blowing myself away with the things I was capable of! Burpees, ha, how about burpees with an upright row! lol Yep, pretty amazing stuff!


If you're ready to change your story and your life, don't wait, just do it. There is never a perfect time, the time is now! The sooner you start the sooner you'll be there and you will never regret that decision. You will love yourself for it. The best project you will ever work on really is you!


Love yourself today!

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