Saturday, February 1, 2014

Week 3, Bloggers Unite #EndoMarch 2014... Letter to my Representative.

So this week as part of the Bloggers Unite for Endometriosis we wrote our Representatives,  I decided to go ahead and write my Senators as well,  The more the merrier right!?! :) 

If you are interested in writing to your representative to help with the cause you can find out how to contact your representatives here:

I decided to put some flyers about the event in with my letter as well.  

I wrote to my Representative:

Congressman Mike McIntyre
2428 Rayburn House Office
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative McIntyre,

My name is Krystal Agic and I am a resident of Carolina Shores of Brunswick County, NC. I am writing you today to invite you to be part of a movement that will impact women’s health significantly.  This movement is The Million Woman March for Endometriosis and it will take place in Washington, D.C. on March 13, 2014. Women have long suffered in silence with this disease, including myself.  We hope for a change that will lead to better understanding, education and medical care.  On this day many will gather to create that change and let their voices be heard.  Due to a lack of awareness and knowledge in the medical profession many women suffer for up to ten years without diagnosis, left to wonder what is wrong with them and without answers.  Many of these women are misdiagnosed and therefore are inaccurately treated. In many cases by the time of a correct diagnosis irreversible damage has occurred and her health has been severely affected.  Over 176 million women currently suffer from endometriosis.  Statistics show that at this moment 1 in 10 of your female constituents are currently suffering. 

I am one of the many women who endure this terrible misunderstood disease.  I was diagnosed through surgery at the age of sixteen.  I have suffered with this disease for twenty years now.  Currently, there is no cure and many treatments prove to be ineffective.  Despite numerous surgeries and a confirmed diagnosis I am still untreated and at times made to feel that because I am woman, this is just something that should be expected. This is a result of a lack of knowledge.  This disease is highly misunderstood and that has to change.  No one should suffer through daily life without help or understanding.  This disease can be very debilitating and it is extremely painful.  I, as well as many other women want to be productive citizens in society who can function normally because we receive adequate medical attention.  We want to continue our educations, keep plans, work productively, etc. but with this disease there are times that these everyday tasks are not possible. 

I will be joining many women from across this nation in Washington, D.C. on March 13, 2014 for the Million Woman March for Endometriosis to help create the change that has lacked for far too long.  I march in hopes to raise awareness and for future women and girls so that they will not have to suffer in silence as so many have.  The goals of this march are to unite those with endometriosis and their supporters to take a stand against this disease that has been misunderstood for so long.  This march will also educate others by raising awareness and letting this disease and its effects be known.  We hope to encourage education and training in the medical community in order to promote early detection and improved treatment.  Finally, this march will create change.  We want a cure and to develop non-invasive diagnostic tests.  Currently surgery is required to diagnose endometriosis.  We want improve screenings and work with government to allocate funding for this disease.  

I hope you can join me in Washington, D.C. on March 13th as my representative and as individual who cares about women’s health.  I would be proud to march with you as you show your support and help millions of women around the world.  For more information please visit

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.


Krystal Agic
So off they go to spread awareness and inform others!

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