Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days of Thankfulness

30 Days Of Thankfulness...
Thanksgiving is soon approaching and as this is a time to give thanks, I thought that I would share daily something that I am thankful for over the next 30 days. I am also doing this on Facebook, but instead of a status update, I thought it might be nice to take the time to really embrace and take some time out of each day to reflect and appreciate the things in my life that I am truly thankful for, things that God has so graciously blessed me with. These are things that make my life extremely special.

‘Enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise! Give thanks and bless
His name for the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting; His faithfulness and truth endure to all generations’.
Psalm 100:4 & 5

~Day 1~
Today, I am thankful for the blessing of my daughter. My miracle! Her existence has brightened my life in countless ways.

As a teenager I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, which caused me to be infertile. I was told there was no chance, even surgically that I would ever conceive a child. This was difficult for my family, and myself to accept at first, but just simply became a harsh reality. Years later, after meeting and falling in love with another one of my blessings in my life, we we're expecting! This also came as quite a shock, considering this wasn't physically, or surgically possible, but of course, became the best thing to ever occur in our lives!
So not only am I thankful for my daughter, but I am thankful for the miracle it took to make me her Mommy!

On that July day, selfishness, and irresponsibility was gone, and in it's place was joy, and a love that I never knew existed. A love so strong that is indescribable. So today, I take the time to appreciate and respect the blessing of my daughter and the opportunity God gave me to be her Mommy and experience a love like no other!

She is my sunshine!

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