Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ups & Upsy-Daisies!

Ok, so I just posted a post that I wrote several weeks ago, So what! Who Cares!?! (in my daughter's Jersey accent) I kicked it around for a bit, procrastinated, second guessed myself, but in the end decided to Just Do It! See, during this predicament, something positive happened, I learned something, I discovered my blogging issue! Yes, apparently there is one, have you noticed the gaps in between my posts? I tend to over-think things, (believe it or not!) I worry about details, judgements, tend to be a private person, with the exception of those close to me, so there, problem recognized! I need to Just Do It! Eventually it will come easily. This certainly isn't an issue when dealing with people face to face or on the phone. lol! I am quite the opinionated person, but seeing it in front of me as I type just freaks me out a little. I'll get over it. Soon you'll be tired of reading my posts, well I hope not, but you get the point. I intend to get into the swing of things, at least with blogging! :)

I entered a photo contest that the Cake Boss is having, The prize is VIP passes to his
Bakin' with the boss tour! The winner gets to meet The Cake Boss and a few other goodies.
The two highest rated/voted cakes in each participating state win. The contest is called Who Takes The Cake? Well I can answer that for ya...
Two people from each participating state would win, and yes I was WON!!! I am so excited! I didn't find out about the contest until last week sometime, and due to staggering end dates I only had several days to compete, but that's ok, if it had lasted much longer, I might have gone bonkers. There were some good ones, and some not so good ones, but I got it! YAY!
I get to meet
The Cake Boss on Nov. 4th, and I'm really looking forward to it!
Here is a photo of my magical cake!
Hopefully there's a picture and a blog post to feature it soon! :)

Ups again...
On the same day that I found out that I was WINNING, I got a call confirming that a job I recently applied for was onto the next level of pre-employment. Unfortunately, there are lots of levels in the process, which I find ridiculous for a cake decorator, but yet I am still excited that during a poor economy, I can find a decent paying job that appreciates my skills. So, Yay! WINNING is great!
I am freaking AWESOME!

Upsy Daisy.
The day after all of this excitement, I get out of bed and stumble to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of ambition... ;) I tell my husband it's his lucky day. (he found a Truvia packet amongst lots of packets of Splenda) Yes, he prefers Truvia a lot! Anyway, he needed two, there was only one, so he then replied "No, it isn't!" At this point he's kidding. Of course my ambition hasn't kicked in yet, but I'm still super enthusiastic following my day of WINNING, so I wanted the WINNING to continue but instead...
Opposite effect, he calls me within an hour of being at work and had cut his finger terribly, and was on the way to the doctor... following a short doctor visit, he was ok, just injured. No stitches, just a big Metal finger, (splint) that on the bright side, he is enjoying saying "I'm gonna give you the Metal Finger" (instead of middle)! Pretty funny the first few times.. . So back to work he goes, only to continue his day of chaos. Next while he is installing a thermostat he trips the homeowners alarm (with the Metal Finger)! No big deal, just get the homeowner right?... Yeah, not today, he is old and so sloooowww, so the alarm goes off, then the phone is ringing but the homeowner doesn't get to that in a timely manner either, so now police are there. No big deal, homeowner explains it was an accident, well not today, today it is a big deal because he runs the tags on the company vehicles, usually this would not be a problem, but again, not today, today it is a problem, and so the chaos continues, and due to an error with the DMV, (which they'll never admit too) the tags are revoked temporarily, so now they must sit for hours in a homeowners yard to await the rescue of corrected paperwork... Following this, it is just best that he goes home, apparently this finger was not going to cooperate, and had all intentions of causing chaos, and it all started with some Sugar!!!

Another Upsy Daisy...
So, today after being poked with the Metal Finger, that is now a convenient weapon for irritating me, I think my finger is jammed... Ouch. LOL! That finger better stop causing trouble, and SOON!

Halloween is this weekend!
I always enjoy Halloween, it is so much fun to dress up and see all the kids so happy and dressed up, CHOCOLATE, fun, tricks, treats, spooky things, (which can be very frightening to me despite the fact that they are fake), and CHOCOLATE....
It is truly a ton of fun, and there is lots of CHOCOLATE!
It's a day we celebrate just for fun!
My husband, a friend and I are planning to visit/re-visit a local haunted forest! I seriously love and enjoy this, but I run, scream and beg all the scary things to leave me alone, despite knowing that it isn't real, I mean I have already told myself that a million times before I enter, but somehow, insanity finds me and takes me for a wild run, on the bright side it is great exercise for the body and lungs, and is great fun for all those watching and wondering what is wrong with me! :) LOL! Maybe, there is something to this Halloween thing... It sure can get to me! Still excited and can't wait!

Despite Ups and Upsy Daisies this week, it has been a very exciting week, and there is much more excitement to come & I'm looking forward to it! ;)
Hopefully the excitement is all Ups!


  1. Congratulations on winning the contest! That's SO awesome!! I cannot wait to read the post you write about your experience meeting him! Your cake is fabulous!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Helene! I am so exited! Only 2 more days!