Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Ongoings....

So, it has been a while...
Guess I haven't got into the swing of blogging yet, I'll get there, hopefully! Things have been either super busy or out of commission in our home lately (speaking on my own behalf). I homeschool my daughter so naturally August became overwhelming with preparations for our upcoming school year, and that is a pretty continuous task throughout the year! I have found myself already longing for a holiday! ;) Teaching and staying on task keeps me really busy throughout the week, and doesn't leave as much time for my other tasks usually, but I manage. So my lack of blogging, I will blame on time management for now! ;)

Onto other happenings,
I have endometriosis, (diagnosed 16 years ago) which equals a short walk through woman-hood HELL once a month! Emotions all over the place, frustration, continuous pain, tears, agony, feeling trapped inside of a crazy body. MISERY. Not only do I feel sorry for myself at this time, but more so for all those who have to deal with me!!! YES, it can be that bad!
I can't help myself.... This is no pity party, just venting I suppose! So last weekend I spent several hours in the ER due to pain that had me totally dysfunctional, but they were able to help me with pain management. I have got to start exploring and researching my options to rid myself of the wrath mother nature seems to find me the perfect candidate for!

On a brighter note, our family has purchased a new car! We are the proud new owners of a sweet Dodge Caliber. We love it! I thoroughly enjoy it! Music is a very important and needed element in my life, and it seems to have endless options to jam, so ROCK ON! Of course, we have our AM/FM stereo, but then there is a 6 cd/dvd player, an AUX adapter for my MP3 player/smartphone, and XM radio! So I am in music heaven in my car, on top of a banging system! Great stress relief for me, not to mention fun! So, if you happen to drive up to a traffic light with a sweet YOUNG LADY jamming next to you, having too much fun, singing badly LOUD, and dancing, it could very well be me! It's ok to laugh, I laugh at me too!
There are many other things about the car I love also, it is super roomy, economical (very important these days), sporty & classy at the same time, awesome interior, & very cool displays, not to mention super great get up and go, and brakes! LOL! I love it!!!

I have been really busy practicing the four letter word lately!!! Alot of it going on! It has it's ups & downs for sure! Sometimes, It makes me wanna scream loudly and pull my own hair!!!
HOLD IT! Where is your mind going with this!!! Unfortunately, it isn't what you're thinking of!!! It is the dreaded DIET! For most of us, it isn't easy to keep a body in great condition without alot of work &/or discipline, and sometimes if you're anything like me, it can easily get out of hand. So lately, I have been getting busy getting myself back in shape and healthy! So far so good, but still a work in progress! We all fall down occasionally, what matters is that you get back up!!!

For now I'm gonna end this scattered session of my random topics and enjoy a little TV time with the my wonderful family!

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