Friday, July 20, 2012

The love/hate relationship

Oh Pinterest, How I love you and all of your wonderful pins! I browse through all of these brilliant, clever, sometimes oh so simple ideas and I become empowered!
I can create anything!
I frequently have the "why didn't I think of that?" moment, oh well, now I know.
I am going to do so many things!!! I absolutely love it!
My house is going to look like the museum of crafty things!
That is my idea, don't steal it. No, you can't make the museum of crafty things!
Because that is my invention/pin to come. Don't be jealous either, that's not nice.
Okay fine, you can be a little jealous...
You can't help it.
J/K, But really...
don't hate, just relate!

On to my love hate relationship,

So, I have a plan to start the day
I'm gonna get up and start this beautiful productive day!
Have some coffee, eat something...
get to the plan....

I'm going to conquer the secret mountain of laundry waiting to be folded and put away,
Clean the house, top to bottom,
organize the junk drawer, (you have one too)
Clean all the glass, get those spots on the windows,
sweep the porch, trim the hedges,
cook something delicious for dinner...

And then it occurs, while sipping my coffee
I find myself clicking on the bookmarked tab..
Pinterest, what clever tips do you have for me today,
maybe some clever idea to help with my tasks...
Yea, there are those, I have them pinned under household..
Maybe, a delicious recipe for me for me to cook for dinner...
Then the next thing I know, I'm tie dying a T-shirt with a sharpie and alcohol!
It's fun, but so much for conquering the mountain of laundry!
Next, I'm laughing at hilarious quotes, admiring clothing,
and fantasizing about a beautiful land I want to visit, and planning a vacation.

Now a few hours have gone by... NO WAY! I'm not going to do all that junk now,
Forget "The Plan"
I have to get dinner started. Besides, I wasn't in the mood for cleaning anyway.
Oh well, sometimes it is a total time trap for me, but to be honest,
I love every minute of it!!!
You know it's kinda funny,
I was only gonna look at a few pins...
then a few turned into a whole world of awesomeness!
Next, I'm searching, browsing and oh my goodness,
Can you believe it?
Truly one of my favorite sites!

So where's the hate? I guess there is none,
I got nothing but love for ya!

So while you're there pinning, and we both know you are...
Follow my boards!

Happy Pinning,

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