Sunday, March 2, 2014

Recognize Endo! - Week 6 Bloggers Unite #EndoMarch2014

It is important for the world to recognize endometriosis! 

I want the world to recognize this disease so that so many others don't have to suffer in silence.  I don't want any girl or woman to stand in the shoes I have stood.  It is very difficult to be diagnosed with an incurable disease, and even more so when it's one that no one understands.  It can be a very lonely diagnosis because you feel alone and misunderstood, and I personally have even been made to feel embarrassed or ashamed of myself due to disease that I have no control over.  There have been times I felt I couldn't measure up, because I felt broken. This is NEVER okay.  Many doctors brush it under the rug, because they don't have answers or truly understand what they are dealing with.  It is discriminating. This disease is important and needs to be recognized.  Currently over 200 million women and girls worldwide suffer from endometriosis, that is roughly 1 in 10.  Effective treatments are far and few between.  This has to change, and we are making that happen. 

 I do NOT want others to suffer in silence!
End the Silence!

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