Friday, February 13, 2015

About Endo...what?


What? What did you say?,
What is that?,
Endometriosis is a word that most people either 
reply or respond 
seemingly creep-ed out &/or uncomfortable.
 I hope to help change that.

Some of those who are aware of it, are unfortunately usually misinformed, which leads to misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding leads to the spread of misinformation. This isn't helping anyone. 
This is why awareness of Endometriosis is so important. More important than you probably realize, but I'm going to try my best to change that! Please hang in there, don't close the window. You really do need to know this information. Endometriosis can affect any female. It could be your mother, sister, aunt, daughter, cousin, girlfriend, your wife, or simply someone you know.. Upon this occurrence, I hope that you would want to be correctly informed and hopefully understanding.
The confusion of the topic or lack of knowledge of endometriosis is due to the lack of awareness and part of that is because it isn't a comfortable conversation to have. We must all inform ourselves so those who suffer, they can be understood and not suffer alone.

Let's start with defining Endometriosis,
 Endo (Endometriosis) as defined by the Center for Endometriosis Care, is when tissue similar to (but different from) the lining of the uterus (endometrium) is found thriving elsewhere in the body - usually in the pelvis, but sometimes even in 
remote locations (even the brain, though this is extremely rare). 
There are great answers to FAQ as well as lots of other information about endo on the CEC's (Center for Endometriosis Care) website.
Click here!

There are four stages of endometriosis 
This chart explains how the characteristics of each stage. 

Stages of Endometriosis

 Symptoms of Endometriosis  
  • Severe Pain and Cramps   
  • Backache                              
  • Painful intercourse             
  • Painful bowel movements 
  • Fatigue                                 
  •  Constipation or Diarrhea  
For a more detailed list of symptoms click here.

I hope that we all can educate ourselves and others about Endometriosis.
Even though we live in such an advanced society, people still get uncomfortable speaking of something that we are all aware of and is perfectly natural to occur. 
Some people are more uncomfortable discussing periods than they would be arriving to the scene of a horrific accident. 
So sad, but very true.  People get very squeamish and most do not want to discuss it.
We as women are taught that it is to be discreet and at times almost as if we should be ashamed or embarrassed by this monthly occurrence of being a female.
I find this ridiculous, ignorant, and taboo. 
If you aren't aware, which I'm certain you are, every female experiences menstruation. This includes people you love and if it weren't for this "disgusting" topic, you wouldn't exist. 
It's ok for it not to be an exciting topic or one that we feel like shouting about, but it has to become more acceptable and somewhat of a comfortable topic, and I'll be happy to explain why that is. 

There are many issues including endometriosis that people suffer with, and because of this stigma, many girls and women find it difficult to discuss therefore, illnesses remain unknown and/or do not find treatment soon enough, this is unacceptable and is occurring because many are ashamed. It's ridiculous.

You can find many resources and information on The Center for Endometriosis Care's website.
Click here for resources and articles!
Endometriosis Myths
Unfortunately, there are many myths about endometriosis. The one I hear the most is "A hysterectomy will cure you".  This is just misinformation.  If you have heard this, please inform yourself so you do not spread misinformation. 
 Here is a great article called, 
Myths and misconceptions in endometriosis, 
written by  Ros Wood, Heather Guidone, and Lone HUmmelshoj

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