Monday, March 26, 2012

My Sweet Art!

Just thought I would post some of my sweet art!
Once upon a time not so long ago, a little girl who thinks she is a princess was born! ;)
This would be my daughter, Chrissie. One year later following the birth of the little girl who thinks she is a princess, her Mother, (myself) was introduced to a world of powdered sugar, eggs, flour, batter, etc. You follow me... Emphasis on "thinks" not "thought", she does think she is a princess of sorts, and I guess in some ways she is. She is our princess!
Too bad I'm not a queen, I could use the whole "off with their head" demand from time to time. J/K, of course.
So began my introduction into cake decorating/design! It was Chrissie's first birthday, and she needed a worthy cake. Looking back now, not so much the case, but practice makes perfect.
"A+" for effort, right?
So as the years go by, I decide that I should brush up on some skills, so I took a couple of classes at a local craft store to pick up on some techniques and the rest is self taught.

Here is my latest cake:
Blue's Clues.
Blue skadoo's and I can too!
Some of the details...
Mr Salt, Mrs. Pepper, & Paprika
Top of the cake...
Shovel and Pail...
Tree with tire swing...
All details on this cake were made of MMF fondant.
(Marshmallow Fondant)

Another favorite of mine is the Magic cake...
I won a Cake Boss contest with this one!
Mandy (Bff), Buddy (The Cake Boss), and myself!
Note: This is not a good photo of us.
I'm not sure what kind of lens was on this camera, but NOT COOL.
Still a good memory and quite an experience.

I also recently did this Rubick's Cube Cake...
There are many more, and many more to come I am certain.
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Thanks for reading!


  1. I must say, I wasn't a fan of the Cake boss pics AT ALL! They shot with a cruddy camera and uploaded with an even cruddier resolution. :( (LOVE the Blue Clues Cake)

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  2. I am just now noticing that you have been commenting Jaclyn! You're such a sweetie! I thought they were terrible photos, but it is better than nothing... So glad you love the blues clues cake, it was fun! Congrats to you for being the other lucky winner! We rock! :)