Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rated R... well sort of

A big HELLO to you! What an already eventful or busy weekend it has been. It has been unique and fun for sure, and it's only Saturday night! I have lots more in store for tomorrow, which is... dum dum dum.... APRIL FOOLS DAY! YAY! How exciting that it is totally appropriate for me to be ridiculous and pull pranks like a pro tomorrow! Watch out now, you've been warned. I seriously can't wait!
Pics will definitely be on the way!

Just so you know,
♪♪ Sometimes I feel like somebody's watching me...♪♪

LOL! Yes, I know sometimes I am a dork, but that's ok with me!

One of the first things I worked or did this weekend was pretty fun, I made a cute
Yo Gabba Gabba cake and cupcakes!
So as many of you know or may not have known, Friday was National Cleavage Day! WOW, what a revealing day!
How did you celebrate?
You did celebrate right?....
You pushed em' up and held em' high at least...
Well perhaps your curious how I celebrated, or maybe you're not, either way you're gonna find out if you keep reading... I played with boobs all day! I couldn't keep my hands off of em'! No kidding! I am sooo serious..... but it all started with balls. WHAT!?! Yep, that's right, you read it correctly... And I have pictures to prove it! Are you ready for this?
See, it wasn't all that bad, it could've been worse. Confession: Those are some tasty balls... I mean boobs! OK, I should keep it together.... but the sad truth here is... You like it!
Don't be jealous, you can make tasty balls, I mean boobs too! ;)

So, here is the hot voluptuous outcome of my day!
Cake Pops!

I am so good, I can even make cake sexy!!! Come on now, You know they're hot!
Happy Belated National Cleavage Day!

Now onto planning my pranks and having the sillies, and a 5k to run! :)
Fun, here I come!
You can't have too much fun right?... We shall see... ;)

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